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May 2015 Real Estate Stats
Thursday, 11 June 2015, 04:09:00 PM
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Real Estate Market Statistics

Hamilton, Dundas, Ancaster,

Stoney Creek, Burlington

MAY 2015


There were 2,587 properties listed in May, an increase of 4.5 per cent compared to the same month the year prior.  End-of-month listing inventory was 8.9 per cent lower than last May.

Seasonally adjusted* sales of residential properties were 11.1 per cent higher than the same month of the previous year, with the average sale price up 10 per cent for the month.  Seasonally adjusted numbers of new listings were 5.7 per cent higher than the same month the year prior.

Seasonally adjusted data for residential properties for the month of May, 2015:


Actual overall residential sales of 1,752 units were 9.5 per cent higher than the previous year at the same time and also a new record for residential sales.  Residential freehold sales were 11.6 per cent higher than last May while sales in the condominium market saw an increase of just 1.2 per cent.

Every community in RAHB’s market area has its own localized residential market.  Please refer to the accompanying chart for residential market activity in select areas in RAHB’s jurisdiction.

*Seasonal adjustment removes normal seasonal variations, enabling analysis of monthly changes and fundamental trends in the data.

RAHB Market Activity for May

Residential Market HamResidential Market Burl


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Thinking of Putting Your Hamilton Home up for Sale?
Thursday, 11 June 2015, 03:50:00 PM
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 sellers buyers real estate negotiating emotional detached from home hamilton ontario ancaster dundas westdale westend downtown core hamilton ancaster stoney creekThe Emotional Aspect of Selling Your Home...
When selling your home, there will always be an emotional aspect to the entire ordeal. But to successfully sell, the seller needs to realize thatdetaching emotionally will attract buyers. Once you stop seeing the home as YOURS and start seeing it as a source of INCOME you will have an easier time selling and negotiating...
This will help with what awaits you in the sellers market...Things such as,high demand, shorter list time, multiple offers and low inventory. The sellers market can be a very stressful one, so be prepared and don't let emotions get the best of you when a good deal knocks at your door!
Starter Tips to Prepare Your House for Sale...
Get packing! Buyers enjoy envisioning what it would be like to live in the space they are viewing. With clunky furniture and personal memorabilia scattered across the rooms, the buyers have a hard time foreseeing themselves living in the home. Start with the personal stuff: children's artwork, personal albums, souvenirs or any type of 'shrine-like' collections you might have. Keep it clean, neat and open for someone else's mind to visualize what it might be like to live there. 
Not necessarily to your liking, but to the liking of the majority of people who will be viewing your home. Your taste might be specific and that might reflect in the layout of your home, but most people want to see an open playing field where they can paint their own picture of what it would be like to live in the space they're looking at. The best combination for the best result is usually neutralizing your home with a modern twist!
The Ready Lifestyle 
Choosing the right price for your home isn't easy, that's why asking your Realtor for comparable sales on homes sold or still on the market in your general area is key when making such a decision. The next step after setting your price and putting your home on the market is being ready for buyers to come view your home when applicable to them, that's why your home always has to be in tip-top shape. Vacuumed floors, sparkling kitchen and bathroom, clean bedrooms, neat closets and lit up rooms... Nobody wants to enter a home with all the lights out, keep it lit, this makes it easier for the realtor to show the home without flickering all the lights off and on and also gives a smoother presentation.
Report on Comparable Prices
As previously mentioned, choosing the right price isn't easy, but that's what your Realtor is there to help you do. Finding current sales of similar properties with lots of pictures and details including how long they took to sell, what they sold for compared to what they listed for will make your pricing decision a lot easier. After conducting research of the general area, along with an appraisal of your home, ball parking a price that will benefit you and at the same time attract buyers shouldn't be too hard. Nobody wants to live "the Ready Lifestyle" forever, that's why choosing a reasonable price is key!
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Friday, 29 May 2015, 11:19:21 AM
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A Diamond In The Rough Is Explored…

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Did You Spend Too Much on Your Wedding?
Friday, 29 May 2015, 11:11:00 AM
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Invest in the stock market or get hitched? Not a common question among couples looking to wed, but how much money could you have made if you used it as an investment for the future over taking those steps down the aisle.

Try out the Wedding Calculator!

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West Hamilton Real Estate - Westdale/Ainslie Wood, Cootes Paradise & McMaster University
Wednesday, 27 May 2015, 03:45:27 PM
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West Hamilton is known for its beautiful array of homes, communities and neighbourhoods. Nestled in between Dundas and Central Hamilton, the West End is home to Hamilton's prestegious McMaster University, McMaster Children's Hospital and Medical Centre, Westdale Village, Churchill Park, and Princess Point, the South West, best known for Locke Street and the Durand and Kirkendall Neighbourhoods, and the North West home to Hess Village and Dundurn Castle.

west end

Map Provied by AWWCA (Ainslie Wood/Westdale Community Association of Resident Homeowners Inc.)


AWWCA (Ainslie Wood/Westdale Community Association of Residential Homeowners Inc.) is Hamilton's largest paying and volunteering, non-profit organization in Hamilton with 600+ active members.

old westdaleCinemas, automobiles, radios and airplanes! Bootleggers, booze, flappers and jazz! The twenties seemed to usher in a new modern age. Along with it came the Westdale community. Westdale was intended to function as Canada's first planned community. In 1923, politicians and realtors gathered for the annual "Name the Neighbourhood" contest at the Royal Connaught Hotel in Downtown Hamilton. Rev. Canon Percival Lawson Spencer entered "Westdale" into the competition and won the contest along with $200, which today ads up to $2,800 after inflation. Founded during the Roaring Twenties, Westdale contained all the attributes of an ideal neighbourhood in which to raise a family. There was a shopping district, schools (George R Allan School built in 1927, Westdale Collegiate in 1930 & the originalMcMaster University Campus in 1930), green space & parks (Sunken Gardens, 1930) and a very distinctive oval pattern for the tree lined streets in the neighborhood. The original design came about as the automobile revolution was just starting, so great care was taken to make sure it met the needs of residents to be able to walk or take transit easily.


Real Estate Prices & Homes

Properties for sale in the West Hamilton Area

With such an array of different types of homes, Westdale certainly has what you are looking for. Along with different types of homes, there are different types of homeowners, ranging from long-term residents, young families and McMaster University students scattered across the grid.  

Type Of Property Price Range Average Sold Price
Detached Houses $200,000 - Over A Million $360,000
Freehold Townhomes $190,000 - $220,000 $200,000
Condo Apartments $100,000 - $700,000 $180,000


The Westdale/Ainslie Wood area consists of detached homes with lots at 1.5 storey houses and a few 2 and 2.5 storey homes, bungalow brick homes and semi-detached homes

There are a couple of townhouse complexes on Main St West (an area in which I have SOLD properties), in particular the 1967 Main Street West complex.





Overview of Neighbourhood and Local Schools

Featuring over 80 shops, cafés and restaurants with nature at your finger tips at Churchill Park in Westdale andAlexander Park in Ainslie Wood and just steps away from McMaster University, the Westdale/Ainslie Wood areas are ideal places to live. From Asian cuisine at Saigon, to a night out at Bean Bar, from 20th century brick homes to high rise condominiums, Westdale attributes to what a lot of buyers are looking for. One key thing families look for in a neighbourhoods are near by schools-particularly French Immersion-West Hamilton happens to be loaded with them, check out the chart below and feel free to explore the links!

Click here to see all the cool places you can walk to in Westdale Village.


Schools in Westdale/Ainslie Wood

French Immersion Elementary George R. Allen Site School Ranking N/A
Public Elementary George R. Allen Site School Ranking N/A
Public Elementary Prince Philip Site School Ranking N/A
Catholic Elementary Canadian Martyrs Site School Ranking
Public Middle School Dalewood Site School Ranking N/A
Jewish Middle School Hewbrew Acadamy Site School Ranking N/A
French Immersion Secondary Westdale Site School Ranking
Public Secondary Westdale Site School Ranking
Catholic Secondary St. Mary Site School Ranking
College Columbia International Site Virtual Info
University McMaster University Site Virtual Tour




 Student Housing & Investors

mac logoWhere there are students, there are investors. McMaster University, home to over 30,000 students, pertains a large residential area opposite and adjacent to the main campus. This gives investors the opportunity to provide students with nearby housing accommodations and rentals. If you or someone you know is looking to make an investment please click here and fill out the form, and I will respond directly to your email in less than 24 hours with listings and                                                              information in regard to the area!


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