Bianca Marijan

Broker of Record/Owner

About Me

It’s been a real pleasure, privilege, in fact, selling real estate in Hamilton.

Thirty years later, I still love the business, still feel enthusiastic about meeting clients, a thrill watching my clients’ delight as they find their home or that mental calculator turn on in my investor’s eyes as I show them a money maker.

Experience cannot be improvised. I sell everything that does not move - from starter homes to move-up homes to down-size condos. I work with first-time investors, buying their single-family rentals or seasoned people adding to an established portfolio. I’ve sold homes that should have been bulldozed to homes that should have been featured in a magazine.

I provide superior service by looking after my clients’ interests. I provide quality information crucial to making a good sound decision and tie up all the details, beginning to end.

That, in a nutshell, is my job; some architecture, some building, some staging, some psychology, lots of marketing and sales, some real estate law, information compilation, zoning, building by-laws and mostly, one-to-one human interaction, without pomp and pageantry. 

Add to that that I’m living in Hamilton, a quirky diamond in the rough. On the verge of becoming what it is entitled to be a great city in its own right— well, it all couldn’t be any better, could it?

My business has sustained itself through word of mouth, referrals, and client repeats. Now I’m getting clients’ kids calling me. I can’t thank my clients enough for entrusting me with their single most significant financial asset.

I’ve been doing this for a long time; through hypermarkets, stagnant markets, two recessions, and buyer and seller markets.

Hamilton is the place to be, the place to buy, the place to put down roots, and the place to invest. 

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